Android Trimble Setup

Pair Unearth with your Trimble R2 device to obtain highly accurate GPS location data.

Unearth OnePlace integrates with Trimble R2 devices, providing highly accurate data via a wireless Bluetooth connection. As of Android Version 2.9.1 on the Google Play Store, integrating with the Trimble R2 is supported on both phone & tablet. Any other Trimble Device is not supported. Unearth for Android is supported all the way back to Android 5.0.

Unlike iOS, You do NOT need the Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) app installed on your Android device to connect with the Trimble R2. 
  1. Connect Trimble R2 -
    1. Open the Unearth app and select a project that you’d like to add assets to via Trimble.
    2. Open the side menu and tap “GPS Configuration.”
    3. Under the list of available Bluetooth devices, tap on the option that reads “R2 <some id>: Trimble -> <some address>.”
    4. You will be directed back to the map, with “Loading Subscription” in the header.
      android trimble 1android trimble 2android trimble 3
  2. Connecting to Satellites - 
    1. The header will change to “Connecting…” 
    2. Then, the header will show “Connected to “R2 <some id>: Trimble: <some address>,” confirming that you have a valid Trimble License and have officially connected to the Trimble R2.
    3. The header will then change to “Satellites: #/#.” This step usually takes the most amount of time as the Trimble R2 is actively looking for satellites to connect to in the sky.
      1. The first # is the number of satellites you are currently connected to. The second # is how many the Trimble R2 has found in the sky that it will attempt to connect. The satellite amount depends on where you are located - on average, you will see around 30 - 45 total satellites and you will usually connect to a minimum of 12. Once Trimble has connected to an amount of satellites that will allow the R2 to provide precision accuracy, then the satellite count will disappear and you will be ready to add assets. 

        Connecting to Trimble outdoors is significantly quicker as there is less interference.

    4. android trimble 4android trimble 5android trimble 6

  3. Adding Assets - Now that the Trimble R2 is connected to Unearth, you can begin adding assets. 

Whenever the Trimble Icon is in the header, the Trimble is connected and ready to add assets. This accuracy in the header is the precise accuracy the R2 is providing. Anything under 2m is exceptional. In comparison, the location coming from the phone GPS (not Trimble) is typically around ~16m.

    1. Click the "+" button.
    2. Select the tool you'd like to add.
    3. Click the location arrow to center on location (see center screenshot below).
      1. Since Trimble is based on where you are physically located on the map, you must tap the "Center on Location" button AFTER selecting a tool and BEFORE adding the point to the map to enable the point as a Trimble point. The order of steps is important when adding points from the Trimble's location.
    4. Click "Add Point."
    5. Confirm your point was added with Trimble accuracy.
      1. The added point should be marked as having been added via Trimble inside the “Geometry” tab on the asset panel. You can determine if a point was added from Trimble if the following are present: tab states “1/1 points connected with high-accuracy GPS," Trimble icon is located to the left of the point #, and an “Accuracy” field is attached to each point.
    6. android trimble 7android trimble 8android trimble 9



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Revised July 2022