How to create Places and Levels

Places let you choose a specific geographic area of your site, assign certain content (photos, drawings, etc.) to that area, and then filter to only see content from that area.

Whereas Levels let you get more specific, and assign content to a specific height on a Place. You can use this to filter content by the floor of a building, or you can show different things that exist in the Place (i.e. having one Level for images of timber and another for images of dirt).

Here's how you add Places and Levels to your map:

1. Start on your Dashboard. Click on the three small dots for your site, and then select "Edit Places".


2. Click the "Add Place" button.


3. Outline your new Place. Double click on the start point to finish defining the Place's boundary.


4. Set the number of Levels the Place should have, name the Levels, and set an elevation. (If you're using Levels for something other than vertical construction, you can choose any elevation you'd like).


5. You'll now notice another Place on the Manage Site page from Step 2.


6. To add a Level to an existing Place, click the "Add Level" button for that Place.


7. Then, give a name and elevation for that Level.


When you're done, you'll see that new Level under the Place.


That's it! If you run into any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us at