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Unearth Glossary

We've listed the most common terms you might want more information on here!


Company who has purchased the Unearth software and for whom the data is being collected.


Assets are mapped and are intended to represent a physical concept. Because they have a physical presence, they are described by the following geometries on the map:

  • Point (single point location)
    • Example: Manhole or point where photo was taken
  • Line (single stroke line)
    • Examples: Sewer Lateral or a transmission line
  • Linestring (multiple line strokes)
    • Examples: Roads, rivers, and power lines
  • Polygon (boundary) 
    • Examples: Parcels of land, water bodies, and other features that describe an area within a boundary


Items are Information stored in the software. They can be something mapped like an asset or it can be an action like an inspection or approval. 


The overview of all of the projects/sites that exist for a single Account. 


A specific bounded area and all of the information contained within it (a subset or just a part of a whole portfolio). They are also called jobs, sites, or work orders.


A type of asset and its associated information. (The place that stores the associated information is also called a form.)


A set of tools that are available for you to use on a project.